@segFaultSu @cococeva reply yazıp tootu boostlasanız ne olur? bakıcam araştırcam ama replydan farkı yok pek

@segFaultSu @cococeva Eklenmesi imkansız bir şey değil ama öyle bir özelliği ekleyebilirsek birincisi sadece web arayüzünde kullanılabilir olur. ://

bir de githubda quote boostla ilgili tartışmaları okurken kendimi burda buldum.

Another feature that has been requested almost since the start, and which I keep rejecting is quoting messages. Coming back to my disclaimer, of course it’s impossible to prevent people from sharing screenshots or linking to public resources, but quoting messages is immediately actionable. It makes it a lot easier for people to immediately engage with the quoted content… and it usually doesn’t lead to anything good. When people use quotes to reply to other people, conversations become performative power plays. “Heed, my followers, how I dunk on this fool!” When you use the reply function, your message is broadcast only to people who happen to follow you both. It means one person’s follower count doesn’t play a massive role in the conversation. A quote, on the other hand, very often invites the followers to join in on the conversation, and whoever has got more of them ends up having the upper hand and massively stressing out the other person.


@segFaultSu @cococeva eğer quote retoot tadında bir şey yapmak istiyorsanız aslında verdiğiniz replyı boostlamanız gerekiyor çünkü cevaplar sadece ortak takipçilerin timeında akıyor

@Tuan @cococeva yaparız artık bi şeyler halk alıntılamaya muhtaç....

@segFaultSu @cococeva çok istiyorsan bi pull requestinle hallolur :):):)):):)

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